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MIB Notice

MIB coin is listing on the Coinsuper Exchange on Aug. 15.

How It Works

How do you mine cryptocurrency on smartphones without dedicated expensive equipment?
MIB coin cannot mine existing ASIC and GPU methods. It is only available on smartphones.
Benchmark your smartphone and allocate a hash rate.
MIB is designed so that your smartphone is able to withstand the computational complexity
required for mining and protect
your smartphone from overheating and damaging the hardware.
It`s possible with one smartphone.
Reduced power by 99.24% compared to existing
mining machines.
Anyone can mine with a smartphone.
At just one touch its all over
Easily mine and use MIB coin anywhere and anytime.


Install MIB
Mining App


mine MIB with
one touch


Various payment
methods available
Our SmartX Blockchain Platform Structure
Introducing the concept of mobile platform based on blockchain
It is not a dedicated mining machine (ASIC or GPU).
It is mining on the smartphone.
Mining that was exclusive to only certain countries and companies are now
available to all. Everyone can participate.
An eco-friendly, low-power energy-based mining method solves
excessive power consumption issues.
Keep it at a minimal cost instead of existing high cost blockchain networks.
Our Team
Possesses various experiences and skills in the field of cryptocurrency and exchange.
Our Mission
Everyone is a miner and a user in the MIB coin ecosystem.
Our Vision
SmartX Blockchain Platform, a leader of global cryptocurrency

White Paper

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Coin Sale


Mobile Integrated
Blockchain Coin
MIB SmartX Blockchain 600,000,000 MIB
Mar 19, 2018 ~ Mar 25, 2018 Jul 20, 2018 ~ Aug 10, 2018
1 ETH = 1200 MIB

MIB Allocation

  • 50% of MIB Coin is allocated as Smart Mining and is available to anyone easily.
  • 27.51% of MIB Coin is used for the maintenance and management of MIB’ network ecosystem. More specifically, 11.67% for Reserve and 15.84% for Extra Marketing.
  • 22.49% of MIB Coin is distributed to MIB Pre-Sales, ICO, and the stakeholders. More specifically, 5.83% for Pre-Sales, 8.33% for ICO, 3.33% for the investors, 3.33% for the advisors, and 1.67% for the team are distributed.

Use of Proceeds

  • 35% will be kept in capital reserves
  • 35% will be used for technology development of SmartX Blockchain, Smart Contract, DAPP, token platform, connected platform and security.
  • 10% will be used for the operational cost of marketing, accounting, legal and regulatory purposes
  • 10% will be used for MIB’s global marketing, social media and branding
  • 10% will be used to establish strategic partners, offices, and business development around the world.

Road map

2017 Q3

CONZBY: Developing a cryptocurrency trading engine and an exclusive miner’s sales menu

Designing the initial concept of SmartX Blockchain platform (SBP)

Planning the SBP project and researching on technical aspects

2017 Q4

Building a team for MIB coin project (based on SBP) and completing the concept

Publishing a white paper

2018 Q1

MIB coin official website Reinforcing the manpower of the team

Performing pre-sales

Advancing the development of SBP

2018 Q2

MIB coin ICO

Advancing the development of SBP

Smart Mining Android & iOS beta test
        Link : Download NOW, Android Store
        Link : Mining Pool Website

MIB blockchain API center opens

2018 Q3

Releasing the main network

Announcing mining pool clients

Smart Mining Application

Announcing smart mining application

Starting MIB coin mining

Supporting a master node community

CtoC trading service

coin send & money transfer

2018 Q4

Setting up and advancing the SBP R&D center

Opening a platform development center for expanding the cryptocurrency ecosystem

Supporting the issuance of a functional token and investing in technology

PayGate Service

2019 Q1

Increasing availability through the MIB Coin partnership expansion

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Team & Advisors

Jaden Park

Co-CEO, Co-Founder

CEO of the development of block chains and virtual currency exchanges of in the MIB Major network servicer experts in the field of online and mobile gaming for 20 years. Mobile game consultant in Excite Portal in Japan. FPS Game Dispath of Army Reaches 10 Million Users in Asia. Infograms Worms World party, operation flash point battle net.

Tracy JI

Co-CEO, Co-Founder

Economics Bachelor`s, UCLA(University of California at Los Angeles) AICPA(American Institute of Certified Public Accountant)Finance Team of AICPA, IBM Public policy Analyst, Google Inc Local area Network community, AICPA-present

SangShin Park

COO, Co-Founder

A representative of WIPI(the World Issues & Policy Institute), and a research professor of the Asia-Pacific Research Center, Hanyang Univ. Ph.D. in International Political Economy, focusing on the Sino-US relations, China and the East-Asian regional studies, International Development Cooperation, Official Development Assistance, Foreign Direct Investment, and Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Michael Kim

CTO, Co-Founder

Majored in computer engineering and then designed and developed overseas trading architectures based on dollar deposits on Korea Investment & Securities, and conducted research and development on Block Chain Network. an ETH2XB platform development expert and is currently responsible for the technical development of MIB projects

David Han


Chief Executive of the Leadnext
Chief Executive of the META CNS
(Sports TOTO. LOTTO Solution develop leading company)
Chief Executive of the INFINITUS(KR.VN)
Economics Bachelor`s, ISU

HyunSook Park

Co-Founder,Public Relation

International Development Studies in Sussex University, UK
Political & Social research analist in Gallup Korea, HANGIL Research, and Research & Research
State affairs assistant to legislators of the National Assembly – Commerce, Industry and Energy Committee, State Affairs Committee, Health and Welfare Committee, and Budget Settlement Committee
International Development Cooperation researcher in the Association of the Northeast Asian Peace and Economy

Kyungsook Ahn

Developer, Co-Founder

Consultant from NIPA – Present IT consultant from Ministry of Education, Costa Rica Government Project & R&D Specialist to KDI Researcher of Nongshim Data System Sogang Business School (Graduate Program),Sogang University Visual Design Bachelor’s, Kookmin University

TaeHyeung Kim


Majored in International Business Administration at Jungang International Business University. FinTech and Block Chain Software Development compan(KOSDOQ) of Financial director. Investment and acquisitions in various blockchain companies and cryptocurrency exchanges. It recently conducted a strategic investment in coinOOO.

Attila Buzdor


Head of Release Management at Lazada (Alibaba Group). Experienced Release Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Strong IT technical project management skills with a Master Degree of Computer Science.

Jongho Park

Technical Advisor

Metallurgical Materials Engineering Bachelor`s, Yonsei University Chairman’s Secretary was ISU Chemical Tiger Pools’s(Sport TOTO) Strategy Planning Department Director Netian’s(portal site) Strategy Planning Department Director Picoentech’s Vice president – Present

Matthew Pyun


Bachelor's degree in mathematics SOGANG University
CEO of the Leadnext
Tiger Pools CTO

Yung Joo Han

Legal Advisor

EJI Law Group Lawyer
Graduation from Busan National University Law

HwaYul Yoo

Legal Advisor

The legal department Lawyer of AJU Group.
Foreign legal consultant – American Bar Association
Pro bobo voluntary legal service - Yeollin Madang

In Beom Na

Certified Public Accountant, Advisor

Certified Public Accountant – Deloitte ANJIN, WITH, and Ernst & Young
Standard Chartered Korea financial accounting team
ARAMCO financial accounting analysis team


Funding Advisor

Hankyung.com Columnist – Blockchain industry
Hillstone Partners Inc. CEO – Pivate equity fund
Krazylab Inc. CEO - Data & Open API Development Company
Lanello Studio CEO - Design & Movie Clip Production
NEXT GyeongGi Startup investment panel of judges
KISED Hackathon competition panel of judges

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